WEEK 17 - Recalibration

Week 17, going into May. No, I will not quote N’SYNC on this. LOL. Looking back over the last few months, a common theme has embedded itself more prominently in my mind - Alignment.

Week 17, going into May. No, I will not quote N’SYNC on this. LOL. Looking back over the last few months, a common theme has embedded itself more prominently in my mind - Alignment.

2020 and 2021 can perhaps be described as the acknowledgement of the misalignment between the collective consciousness of humanity and the environment this consciousness resides in. And more obvious than ever, the tectonic shifts needed for us to even think of the importance of and relationship between consciousness and environment. An implosion of the discourse, if you will.  

So this week’s newsletter will be more of a list of questions to “meditate” upon when faced with the need for Alignment. 

What have you started reflecting upon or questioning since this massive shift in lifestyle? Or maybe since forever? Share them in the comments!

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We started reviewing our definition and the sustainability of how we view and go about with work - is it still time to work since your office is now set at home? Must work double just to catch up? Must we catch up? What are we catching up for? How much more must we achieve for KPIs? And who and what are the KPIs for? Really?

We delved deeper and reviewed what purpose and passion meant to us - does passion mean I have to shut up and blaze through difficult circumstances? Does wanting to rest and recover, or even being upset mean I’m not as passionate? What does it mean to be passionate, especially in a ‘difficult’ industry? How can I find my purpose? And is purpose even a destination? 

We started looking at what was important to us - did we find things and situations important out of necessity or routine? What is essential? What is non-essential? Are these choices or obligations? Are we sure that obligations are non-negotiable? And at the end of the day, is it more important that keeping the mind, body, and soul alive?

We also took another look at the idea of space - how much space do we need for ourselves? For our loved ones? What is the sustainability of needing to be in a shared space for extended periods of time? Should we also relook at our definition of personal space? Beyond tradition and what has always been?

And while this is likely a lofty idea to review, we reviewed the concept of identity - who are we if not our work or our role in relation to others? And perhaps a question closer to what I’ve been asking myself - take away everything and everyone, who am I at my base? My zero coordinates? And how can I embrace and move forward from there?

Where have you been spotting misalignments? Or just conflict? How are you approaching them? Share them in the comments if you’d like!

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While looking for a way to make sense of these reviews, I came across a few mindset-driven podcasts that talk about life coaching and creative entrepreneurship in the middle of what was a particularly, debilitatingly, stressful period of time in my life. Most of the time, things “against” you aren’t so much against than they are just a misalignment. And yes, you may be misaligned with MANY things. And while going through this concept of alignment, it did make sense that this year would seem to be the year where I started taking back many things. 

Taking back my time, taking back my autonomy, and taking back my identity - in an environment of overwhelming expectations, misguided hopes, and obligatory passion.

You also start thinking about alignment between your surroundings and your emotions. Alignment between your daily activities (jobs included) and what you truly want. Alignment between activities that serve you and activities you do out of habit. Alignment between your being and your actions. Alignment between your relationships with others and relationship with yourself. I can go on.

The concept of this reflection goes back to a fundamental question - What do you want? - Sit with it for about 10-15 minutes. Don’t let yourself off the hook. You may find some interesting snippets.

So before I end off, let me quote a phrase by a life coach I came to know earlier this year - People can be whoever they want to be. 

Therefore, recalibration always starts with ourselves.

So, that’s it from me this time. Take care and see you all next week!

What does alignment look like to you? If you’d like to, share them in the comments!

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