WEEK 29 - I Have Something to Ask You...

Week 29! And to be honest, I almost didn't want to write an issue this week. I hope everyone's holding up well and I have something to ask all of you - what else would you like to read moving forward?

Week 29 and we’re one week away from the end of July. So how are all of you doing? With all that’s happening (here in Singapore or elsewhere), here’s hoping that all of you are staying safe and holding up well. 

So this week is going to be a short piece because I’m hoping to hear from all of you. But first - 


And second, no, I’m not stopping this endeavour. 

However, as we go into the second half of the year, I was thinking about further streamlining the content of this newsletter so that all of you can get engaging stories or helpful articles straight to your inbox. So while I’m going to continue talking about the JewelVerse (or The Library of Exchanges), World-Building, Idea or Strategy Mapping & Fiction, Writer Life, and/or everything in between, here are some topics I’m hoping to gradually look into moving forward:

01: The Library of Exchanges - Updates, Sneak peeks, Exclusive shorts, Puzzle hints, Promotions, and anything you can ask for with regards to the Library of Exchanges, the multiverse I’m working to create within. And yes, this includes the Unstable Branch. 

02: Investigative Games & Puzzles - I’m a huge gameplay watcher. However, when it comes to playing games itself, I find myself leaning towards a few main genres - Puzzle, Investigative / Escape Rooms, Visual Novels, & Life Sims (Stardew Valley & Sun Haven, anyone?) So I thought it’ll be cool to take a deeper look into what makes these games fun, intriguing, and playable. (Psst… Easter Eggs and Stories coming out from the game’s world-building would be a fun bonus to dive into too!)

03: Idea Mapping - What is an idea map? Simply put - a map where ideas are organised cohesively, marking out anchor points to look out for as you make the long journey to your desired destination(s). And in this topic, I thought it’ll be fun to take a look at how Idea Mapping helps in narrative construction and fiction writing as well - case studies, examples, and the works. 

04: Experience Reviews - Because stories don’t only come in books. Or podcasts. Or games. 

05: Publishing in Singapore - Recounting and focussing on different aspects of publishing - both traditional and self-publishing, across as many genres as I can hopefully offer - and answering your various questions on how it’s like publishing in Singapore. 

06: Creative Careers - Not going to lie, I do hope to flesh this out as much as I can as well. Partly because I do want to share my own learning points as I develop my creative business, partly because we don’t hear enough about the good, bad, and everything in between behind the scenes of many creators closer to home. 

07: Mindset - Again, another topic which I am slowly learning to be one of the major cornerstones of a creative career.

So what do you want to read more about moving forward? Let me know about it in the comments! (Anything else you’d want me to talk about? Let me know as well!)

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And that’s it from me - see you all next week!