WEEK 42 - #VoidDeckWriter: Behind the Scenes of Launches - Considerations

Week 42 and I launch Unstable Directions: Chapter 2 next! As compared to the first virtual launch I had, this launch party has a few more considerations, so I thought I’d share them with you all.

Week 42 and this project for me to write more will be done in 10 weeks. But not before I launch Unstable Directions: Chapter 2 next! As compared to the first virtual launch I had (Thanks Red Dot Diva!), this launch party has a few more considerations, so I thought I’d share them with you all.


Who and what is your launch for? To buy your book? To introduce yourself to your audience? Maybe to even get to know your audience more? Maybe just to have fun? Whatever your objectives for your launches are, be aware of them - it’ll help you when it comes time to go through your programme rundown. 

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Programme Rundown

While this is dependent on your launch objectives, there are also logistical considerations you might want to take note of. Like...

Platform - With unprecedented times, hybrid (physical and virtual) and fully-virtual events are increasingly common. So if you’re considering a virtual launch, what is your platform? Facebook Live? Instagram Live? Gather Town? Zoom? Get creative with these, but ensure these are common and/or accessible platforms for your audience.

Moderator - This really depends on how you’d like your launch to go through, and if you’re able to host your own panel. Personally, I’d prefer having a moderator because I’m a lot better with answering questions for a generic launch as compared to a presentation focussed on a single topic during a conference. Therefore, in such a situation, having a moderator who nudges questions towards your direction and steers the conversation will help. So again, factors to consider before you approach a friend or acquaintance for help with moderation.

Activities - Not all book launches need to be a conversation, reading, then QnA in that order. If you’re able to, you might want to incorporate pre-launch or launch activities that align with your brand and/or story. Case-in-point…

Schedule - And your schedule! With so many online events and activities happening at the same time, how long are you willing to engage and show up? It’s a balance between your energy levels and the scale of the event. 

However, all these considerations and planning will culminate to this next point, which I would argue to be the most important aspect of your launch after the pieces are put in place. 

Getting Your Message Out

So you have your objectives, you have what you want to launch, you have your platform, your moderator, and your rundown planned however strictly or loosely you want to. How would you like to communicate your event and all its goodness to your audience? Some points, I’ve learnt, that need to be considered as well…


Where are you reaching out to your audience? Facebook Events? Instagram? Maybe you’re sending them emails as well? Whether it’s invitations or just a broadcast, I would suggest keeping your engagement platforms focussed (up to 2-3) instead of spreading your messages out across many platforms and worrying about having to keep up with follow-up and engagement later on. 


One of the points brought up to me by friends who wanted to attend previous launches, panels, or workshops, is the concern with lead time - one month and more may be too much in advance (which means people forget unless you have a regular stream of reminders), and anything within one week is too last-minute (especially with all the virtual events happening).

There’s no one set formula, so go with what you’re comfortable with - mine was about two weeks, for a small-ish launch (~20-25 people), with personal invitations coming in within the week of the launch.


Do you have specific people you’d like to invite to your launch? How about sending them an invite or reaching out? It may also be good to reach out to those who have supported your previous works, or enquired about works similar to the piece you’re launching. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just a Facebook or Instagram Invite may do. No harm saying hi and thank you to those who have supported you. 


And that’s it from me! See you all tomorrow (at the launch) or next week!

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