WEEK 43 - Highlights from the Unstable Directions 2 Launch!

Week 43 and WHAT A WEEK! Here are some of the highlights from the Unstable Directions: Chapter 2 Launch Party on Gather Town on 23rd Oct!

Week 43 and WHAT A WEEK! The day job has been rather exhausting, and somehow, I feel I haven’t recovered from the last month. However, that didn’t discount all the fun we had during the Unstable Directions: Chapter 2 Launch Party on Gather Town on 23rd Oct! So with that in mind, here are some of the highlights!

Pixel Party

The Launch Party was defined by three main things: 

  • “Press Z to dance.”

  • “Press X to interact with items.” 

  • And running around the office

Set against a cyberpunk detective agency, the launch party had Sarah hosting while everyone stood around virtually with their questions. What I was grateful for was how this platform allowed us to be a lot more casual about things - people could wander about and get the books, solve puzzles, or write in the guest log even while the launch conversation was happening. 

Also, everyone had their style game on!  


One of the greatest things about keeping your launches and launch parties casual is how comfortable and conversational your “panel” can get. After the QnA, Sarah and I had some fun going down the guest list and doing shoutouts for all the projects and released titles each person had. 

This basically reminded me that in the creative industry, collaboration and uplifting each other just feels a lot more rewarding. And how grateful I am to have so many friends who are incredible individuals and creators in their own right. 

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Win Stuff!

One of the advantages of having my launch party on Gather Town is how I can add Easter Eggs and other activities without worrying about extra steps you might need to consider in a usual Livestream setup. And for this round, I hid a puzzle for lucky explorers to complete for a sneak peek into Unstable Directions: Chapter 2’s background, and enter their name to win a copy of Unstable Foundations - the comic that started all of this.

Missed your chance? You can head here to give it a try too - competition opens until 27 November 2021 =) 


All that said, a major thank you to all those who came for the launch, the readers who have been asking questions and reading the books / eChapBooks, and all of YOU, who have been reading my newsletter and Instagram posts. I get to create stories and worlds I enjoy and share them with all of you. Thank you all once again for your support!


And that’s it from me, see you all next week!

Still want to get a chance to win a set of stories from the Unstable Branch so far? Why not try this puzzle I made for the launch?

Puzzle Time!